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Weekend Rewind 54 | Make time for what you love

One of my favourite things to remind myself is that we make time for the things we love. I talked about this a lot in my Fitting it all in series. If you love something, you just do it.

Which is why, squeezed at the end of an extremely busy couple of weeks, I found myself toasting giant marshmallows in the backyard with about 18 lovely friends and our 23 lovely kids. A loud, messy, rollickingly good afternoon. The perfect way to farewell winter.

It all came about because we had five bags of giant marshmallows accumulate in our pantry. I don't know why, but for a while there a bag of super-sized marshmallows was the thing to bring over for a playdate, afternoon tea or just because. Hence the five bags.

I said to the kids, "what are we going to do with five bags of giant marshmallows?" and they said, "Eat them!" and I said, "No way, we can't eat all those marshmallows on our own" and they said, "Let's invite friends over to help us. We can toast them on the fire pit. And have hot chocolate with them. It will be so much fun! Let's have a hot chocolate and marshmallow party!"

So we did. With hot chocolate and marshmallows for the kids and port and cheese for the growns and home delivered pizza for dinner... it was the most simple, joyous get together you can imagine. I mean, we drank port! Port!

Other things that had me this week:

Reading - as much as I can about food photography. I've pinned a load of it.
Writing - a lot, but not enough from the heart.
Making - mistakes.
Wishing - I could write like this.
Loving - this whole lovely foodie blog and also Mrs D's take on blog etiquette.
Wondering - if I'm going to make it through the school hols without wearing the cranky pants.*
* A snowflakes chance in school hellidays.

Enjoy your weekend!
Happy reading.

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Teach me | how to be a fitness nut

The 'teach me' series is all about learning how to do things I can't from clever clog wearers who can. I'm learning so much as we go and I hope you are too! This week I bring you the hot, sculpted wonder that is Karla Gilbert from Ironmum Karla. Karla is a savvy, sassy fitness expert who cuts to the chase while she cuts those abs. I just love her sensible, sensitive approach to health and wellbeing. Plus, she's startlingly fit.  If anyone can teach us how to turn into a fitness nut, it's Karla...

So, I get it.  I know we all have different priorities and totally understand if maintaining a level of fitness just isn't your thing BUT and I say but, I have a feeling that deep down (like Bron!) you would like to be one of these people (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this).

So let’s try and turn hating the thought of exercise into you hating the thought of not being able to exercise!
For starter's let me fill you in on a little secret: most of us just can't rely on willpower and motivation to work out. Nope, this usually won't cut it and more than likely you've tried this already without much success. Right?

There are not many people that get super excited day in day out with the thought of getting huffy and puffy. What they do love is the exercise afterglow, the endorphin rush and fit-bod feeling that comes as a consequence of working out. It’s one of those things you don’t know your missing out on until you try it.

We need to create something stronger which is where ‘habits’ enter the equation.  Habits make tasks a lot easier, like you’re on automatic pilot.  They take away the daily battle of trying to psyche yourself up into something you don’t give a second thought to. Sometimes our minds are our own worst enemies.

6 ways to (hopefully) turn yourself into a fitness nut

1. Commit to a month
That’s it, mark it on your calendar and see it through. This is usually how long it takes for habits to form and become part of your lifestyle.  One month out of your life isn’t much but it could change so much of your lifestyle!

2. Turn exercise into a positive
Feeling stressed? Don’t open the pantry door or grab a wine glass, strap on your shoes, grab a yoga mat or complete a simple 10 mins YouTube abdominal set. You’ll be surprised by the new perspective exercise brings and the powers it gives to clearing your head.

3. Visualise it
Nothing good happens without a little planning. Even I can’t expect to just jump out of bed in the mornings or trot out in the evening without prior thought. Think about what you will do, get a plan, put out what you will wear and music you’ll listen to so all you have to do is set out the door when the time comes. Do this with each workout.

4. Expect imperfection
Life pops up but that still shouldn’t be enough of an excuse to stop you.  Change the way you approach roadblocks and enough of the defeatist attitude.  You know the saying, “do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always got” which is very relevant to you wanting to find a way to make exercise fit into your busy life.

5. Same, same
For the first month make it same time, same place, same weekly schedule. We are simple beings and sometimes trying to get tricky can work against us. Trying to create repetition first up is the main thing. Group fitness classes are a great example of this as all you have to do is turn up and leave the rest to your trainer.  You can worry about swapping up your routine after there is a little love happening.

6. What drives you... really?
Most importantly ask yourself why you want to workout? What do you want to change in your life?  Is it stress relief, is it to create a stronger self-acceptance? Perhaps for other health reasons? For whatever it is, write it down and then below this write down issues that come up if you were to stay the same. Do the positives outweigh the negatives? Place this somewhere you will see it often!

Owe it to yourself to stop putting off fitness and make it a part of ‘you’.  Humans are geared towards leading a healthy a balanced life through exercise and nutrition. There are many options out there to suit nearly every personality so make it your duty to find something you love doing and make your life sparkle (with sweat).

What drives you to keep fit?


Spring through life | The stationery caddy

I suggest that before we can get springy with the big bits, we need to get the little bits sorted. The little bits get in the way. Like, before I got myself a stationery caddy, I could spend ages looking for a pair of scissors, a thumb tack, a rubber band, a life.

"Who has the scissors?" I would bellow at the kids. "Who used them and didn't put them away in the... where they go... wherever that is..."

Then I bought a cheap plastic caddy from Howards Storage World (well, I bought a caddy - nothing is cheap at HSW) and I stocked it with all the things I need for an organised life. Not stuff the kids need, not things for homework, things for me.

Staionery caddy

Staionery caddy

Staionery caddy

A small notebook for shopping lists, a larger one for writing notes to teachers (so many notes), pens, pencils, glue, paperclips, rubber bands, twist top ties, thumb tacks, scissors, washi tape, stapler, ruler, pencil sharpener, tape measure, batteries, permanent markers, blue tac, name stickers, a couple of random pegs (pegs are so handy, don't you think?), sticky tape - it's all in the caddy, ready to go wherever I want it to go.

A stationery caddy could well change your life it's that darn handy. Can the kids use the stuff in there? Not on your life.

So, round up all the random bits you need on a day to day basis and put them all in a caddy (or a box or even a drawer, you may not need yours to be as mobile as mine) and forget all about the lot of it... until you need it. Then it will be right where you left it, ready to go.

Can you find a working pen right now? Scissors? Rubber band? Paperclip?